Dear Valued Guest,

Our hotel management and teams are taking stringent measures to maintain the highest standards of health for the COVID19 Pandemic. We are obliged to follow specific Protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and to adhere to the Directives included therein. Taking into consideration your obvious cooperation, we would like to inform you for the following policies, which we would advise you to read with extra caution.

Update for any indisposition: If you notice the slightest indisposition regarding your health (fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, stuffy nose), please inform the Reception immediately, via phone, and preferably stay in your room.

Customers, Staff and visitors body temperature: All customers, staff and visitors will be monitored for COVID-19 symptoms at Check – in or whenever needed due to suspicious symptoms and records will be kept.

All our staff is trained regarding COVID-19 dispersion prevention measures. The protocol for dealing a suspicious COVID-19 individual will be applied by a trained manager of our hotel.

Social Distancing: Signage (floor & information boards) will be in place for Guest to follow. Keep 2 m distance from each other and strictly follow the safety rules notified in each area (e.g. use of hand sanitizer, instructions in case of cough and sneezing, area’s maximum capacity according with the Decrees).

  • Buffet is served with all the necessary precautions.
  • Chefs will be in place to ensure the buffet area is not crowded and cross-contamination risk is prevented.
  • Exceptions are obviously permitted at the time of service in Restaurants & Bars.

Rooms: It is mandatory all rooms to be cleaned daily. Cleaning and disinfection procedures upon arrival and during your stay, have been revised to ensure the highest level of safety. In case you require something, please contact the reception desk via phone.In case of room service, our staff is not allowed to enter your room. Additional information will be provided to you by the reception desk staff. Occupied Rooms can be allocated to new Guests only once 2 hours have passed by from the time the Room was vacated and thoroughly cleaned.

Lifts: In case you are using the lift, you must wear a surgical mask. Guests are advised to bring their own masks, or these can be purchased from Local Pharmacies or the Hotel’s Shop. One mask per Guest will be provided upon check-in.

Sanitization stations: will be available in Public areas, Restaurants, Bars, and other areas.

All Restaurants & Bars: will be in operation with specific Protocol Directives in place , which, will prolong the Service time ,but, every effort will be made and measures will be taken in order to reduce it to the minimum possible; such Directives include the following:

  • Tables must be a minimum of 2m apart from each other (For Families or Guests in the same room this rule does not apply). Maximum number of persons who are permitted to sit together cannot be higher than 10.
  • Guests can neither be seated at the Bar Counters nor get served directly from the Bars; they must give their order and get served by Hotel Staff.
  • In all Restaurants & Bars, irrespective of their actual capacity, the maximum number of Guests allowed is: 100 Indoors and 250 outdoors. This rule is applicable as at this time and it is regularly reviewed by the Health Ministry.
  • Service at the Buffet Stations will not be Self – Service. Buffet Stations will be fenced off from Guests with appropriated Plexiglass dividers and Food will be
  • served by Hotel Staff. This procedure might be reviewed & change .depending on the number of Hotel Guests.
  • Entry to Restaurants and in process to the Buffet Stations during meal hours, will be Supervised & Controlled and Guests are discouraged from queuing. Service hours maybe prolonged as required and if deemed necessary, Phased Service will be provided in the form of more than one seating.

Beach and Pools

Distancing of 2m is also applicable in the Beach & Pool areas. As per this Protocol, Umbrellas must have a distance, axis to axis, of 4m and sunbed from sunbed when in a separate set of at least 2m. The maximum number of persons using the pools at any one time, will be displayed on the information board by each pool and is calculates at 2.5m2 per swimmer in the outdoor pools and 5m2 per swimmer in the indoor pool. The use of changing rooms & showers indoors is discouraged & restricted , but not forbidden.

Spa, Treatments & Facilities: Distancing of 2m is also applicable in the Spa area.

Sauna & Steam bath: can be used with restrictions. Spa staff will provide all info required.

Gym: can be used only with prior reservation and the maximum number of persons that can use it at any one time , will be displayed on an information board just outside the area – calculated at 10m2 per person using the Gym.

  • Minimum distance between Gym Equipment is set at 2m.
  • Changing rooms & showers: can be used ,but not encouraged.
  • Only personal floor mats can be used.
  • Personal items cannot be taken to the Gym area.

Adult Entertainment & Sports Programs – with restrictions and in specific those which entail the active involvement of Guests i.e. Beach Volley, Futsal, Boccia

Kids Club & Outdoor Children Playground are open and operating with restrictions as dictated by the Protocol Directives.

Manager’s in charge instructions need to be followed to ensure the highest level of safety.

We remain committed to your well-being by providing a healthy and welcoming environment for all our guests and colleagues. The health and safety of our guests and colleagues are our utmost concern and we appreciate your cooperation.  To ensure your well-being, we encourage you to practice good hygiene. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your kind understanding and we look forward to welcoming you at the ASTERIAS BEACH HOTEL the soonest.